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John Chapman's Guide to Creativerse


How to start 3 - A place of safety

If you've been lucky so far, you won't have been killed by an animal or by falling down a hole. That won't last though since the mean animals come out at night and so far you have a twig to defend yourself. You need a place where you can work undisturbed and in safety.

There are several ways of doing this:

Since we are going to have to dig to get resources anyway I suggest you dig a cave.

If you are lucky and find an area of flat stone you can dig into that now you have a wood mining cell. If not you can dig into an earth bank or even dig down. I found some flat rock behind where I entered the game.

Home 1

I got rid of the two grass blocks then cut a doorway in the stone 1 wide and two high. Then I started hollowing out the area behind it aiming to make a room 4 blocks deep, 5 blocks wide and three blocks high. I also cut a window but that's not really necessary.

Home 2

Even with the window it was too dark inside and monsters will appear wherever it's dark. I needed some light.

Back to the crafting menu (Q on your keyboard) and make some moss torches.

Moss Torch

To place a torch scroll your mouse wheel (or press the number for it on your quickbar). Then right click where you want it. Moss torches are not very bright but even one showed what a rubbish job I'd made of my room.

House 3

I squared off the room and took the chance to get some leaves.

Home 4

Since it's getting late I used leaves to block the door and window. OK I'm in a lit sealed off area so I'm safe. Time to start making and placing a few more things while I wait for dawn.

Next step - Crafting

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