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Formatting Text


HTML documents can display text in LOTS OF DIFFERENTCOLORS - You can choose just about any color you can name anda few more besides. Let your imagination run wild!

To change the text colour use this code:

<font color="red">text you want to make red</font>

You can change the name of the colour or give it as a hexadecimal colour value eg. #ff0000 where three two digit hexadecimal numbers (in this case ff, 00, 00 whow the amount of Red, Green and Blue

But, whatever you do - don't write web pages using this multicoloured effect you've just seen used because it's very hard to read.


to get this size text use:

<font size="-2">You</font>







by using the <font size=[value]>text you use</font>. However this is now considered an 'out of date' method and is now being replaced with 'styles' instead.

Here is the same thing done using styles all on one line

To get this effect you need to put the following code before the </header> tag:
<style type="text/css">
.small {font-size: small}
.x-small {font-size: x-small; }
.xx-small {font-size: xx-small}
.medium {font-size: medium}
.large {font-size: large}
.x-large {font-size: x-large}
.xx-large {font-size: xx-large}
.giant400 {font-size: 400%}

Once done you change the text size using:

<span class="xx-small">Here</span> <span class="x-small">is</span> <span class="small">the</span> <span class="medium">same</span>

Unfortunately the new style method is harder to write by hand in a text editor but if you use a web page editor such as NVU or Dreamweaver then these programs do all the hard work for you.

Text can be written in Bold, Italic and be underlined and of course you can combine these effects

  1. You can also
  2. number paragraphs
  3. if you wish


Text may be left justified
or left aligned

Or text may be centered
if you wish
Or you can right align
or right justify text
Fully  justifying text is a little more tricky in HTML since the window in which it is displayed can alter in size. The only way to do it is to create it in a table of fixed width by hand or, much easier, by using a style sheet as in this example.

Style sheets can allow you a great deal of control over text

You can even turn text upside down

You can make text blink if you wish to draw attention to something but use this effect sparingly - it gets very annoying and is only normally available in Netscape's browser unless it has been created using a style sheet.
 You can use superscript text as in E=mc2 or subscript text as in H2O

And if you really want to do it you can use strikeout.

I use strikeout to indicate where I have made a mistaek mistake.

There are also a variety of text effects which involve using the language Java to manipulate text.
This is an example 
Nervous Text Appears Here .

Lots of fonts appears here
      ^ Algerian ^                    ^ Britannic Bold ^          ^ Brushscript^ ----

But be warned, the viewer may not have the same fonts available on their computer and it may look like this:
You can display your text using   different font styles as in this example
^        Algerian        ^ ^ Britannic Bold ^ ^Brushscript^     ^EngrvrsOldEnglish^