Browsers can display a variety of pictures - the three most common types are shown below:
Knight Gif
Black Knight JPG
Chess Knight
a 'gif' image
a 'jpg' image
an animated 'gif'
Best for pictures with a limited range of colors. Best for pictures where there is a continuous range of tones. Animated gifs are made up of a series of gifs played in sequence.
  •  You can use any of these image forms as a background to a screen and overlay it with text or graphics.

  • Complicated animated gifs need at least 15 to 30 frames to create a smooth running, realistic looking animation. Creating such a graphic is really not a difficult task if you have the right program. We have tried several, but keep coming back to the most reliable and user friendly - Paint Shop Pro Animation Shop. This comes complete with a full version of Paint Shop Pro 5, a must if you are going to be doing your own graphics and animated gif. If you don't already have it, then you've missed out.

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