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Here's a list of all the current quests in the game. If you discover others - please let me know the details in the comments.

Quest Find at Description Reward
$ XP TN Extra
Oregon City Or Bust   Complete a trip to OC   200 5  
Mail Delivery Fort Laramie Deliver letters to Fort Bridges 200 100    
More Mail Delivery Fort Laramie Deliver more letters to Fort Bridges 200 100    
Gun Delivery   Purchase Peppergun and Blunderbus (OC) deliver to Samuel Colt at Fort Hall 400 200    
Rare Snake Random near Kansas River Crossing Talk to Melissa Doyle at Fort Casper after being bitten   50   anti-venom
Grand Canyon Or Bust   Talk to the Mad Hermit at Grand Canyon 200 200    
Medecine Delivery Hualapai Village Deliver medecine from Hualapai to Fort Boise 100 50    
Strange Bone Near Fort Cooke Take 1 strange bone to Mad Hermit   50    
More Bones Mad hermit Take 5 strange bones to Mad Hermit   25   Bone Cover
Even More Bones Mad hermit Take 10 strange bones to Mad Hermit   50   Bone Wagon
Yet More Bones Mad hermit Take 15 strange bones to Mad Hermit   100   Bone Wheels
March To OC Challenge Grand Canyon Reach OC by the long dangerous trail 5,000 750 3 Skeletal Oxen
Trapper Challenge Fur Trapper (trap icon) Collect 5 high quality furs & deliver to OC (repeatable) 500 200    
Blood Suckers Shawnee Mission Take leaches to Ezra Meeker at Fort Kearny 30 30   Stomach tonic
Take A Load Off Fort Kearney after completing Blood Suckers Take Ezra's trunk to Fort Laramie 40 40   Hardtack
Happy Birthday Fort Laramie Take a birthday present to Fort Hall for Ezra 50 50   Spare parts
Into The Blue Fort Hall Meet Ezra Meeker at Blue Mountains 60 60   basic clothing
Mama, I'm Coming Home Blue Mountains Take Ezra's mother-in-law to OC 70 70   Root beer
Find Georgie's Family Near Kansas River Crossing Find Little Georgie's family at Alcove Spring 10 10    
Follow The Map To South Pass   Get to South Pass 25 25    
Map To Soda Springs   Follow the map to Soda Springs 50 50   bacon


Found an error? let me know in the comments and I'll fix it.

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