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I'm at a fort. What do I do now?

At a fort

First - Visit the Store and buy food - enough to fill your wagon. If you found it difficult to travel without running out of food you might also consider buying hardtack or flour as an emergency reserve.

Next - If your wagon is in poor condition visit the wainright and pay coins to fix it. If you are short of cash though you can always fix it yourself by playng the repair your wagon mini-game if you have 30 energy.

If you still have spare cash, go back to the shop and buy some trade goods.

If your team is in poor health you can visit the doctor at the trail clinic and pay $200 for him to fix one of your team up. He cures diseases or injuries and restores full health. For 5 TN he will fix up everyone.

Visit the saloon, especially if it displays an 'I' or '?' mark over it. Talk to the barman for a hint and the character seated at the table who might have a quest for you.

Finally - continue the trail by clicking the wagon cover.

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