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The Oregon Trail Guide

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The Game Objectives

You are in charge of a wagon team in the year 1848. Your task is to guide your wagon from Independence , Missouri to Oregon City. You have four other members in your team and you must do your best to get them safe and healthy to Oregon City in the shortest possible time.

Arriving at Oregon City

Arriving at oregon City

You can choose the month you start, leaving anytime between March and August.

If you leave too early there will be no grazing for your animals and rivers you need to cross may be dangerous or impassable.

Leave too late and you may not be able to complete your journey before winter sets in. This will be fatal after December 20th.


Along the way you'll encounter many dangers:

You'll also have the oppertunity to find objects along your route and collect gold, energy, food and stamina.

During your trip you can work towards achievements and complete quests.


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