The Green at South Ockendon

If you had a browser which used Java you would be looking at the Green at South Ockendon, Essex.

Here's your chance to see what The view's like at the Green at South Ockendon, Essex.
This applet will take a while to start - it's a big file - but once it has just drag your pointer in the direction you wish to turn for a 360º view of the Green. Try not to move up and down or too quickly or you'll begin to feel dizzy!
The Pub is worth a visit it's called the Royal Oak. 300 years old and serves good food. The church hiding in the sun, St Nicholas, is unusual for it's round flint tower.

You won't earn extra points for spotting the join in the picture.

You'll have to excuse the midi you are listening to. It's an Elizabethen piece called Welladay (Lord Essex's Last Good-Night).

You can take an interesting walk down the private road to the left of the pub.
Here's the start.


This page uses David Griffiths' Panorama Java applet