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Using the horizon parameter it's possible to construct an overlay which allows the ripples of the image to be seen as water falling in a waterfall. This picture shows an example of this with a standard lake applet below it. The effect is then repeated to produce the movement of the water in the stream.

Favourites 9 -Emerald Pool, Dominica
Emerald Pool

We normally use midi files on our site but this time we couldn't resist using an mp3 of a beautiful, though much shortened, version of the opening track, 'Rae's Arrival', to the film Mecine Man. This was written by Gerry Goldsmith. Get the full soundtrack here:
Medicine Man Soundtrack US - Medicine Man UK

The film has to be one of our favourites too. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available as a PAL DVD in the UK. We bought the Medicine Man US DVD.

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