JavaScript 'send a page URL by e-mail'

These Javascript functions allow Netscape and Opera users to send a page URL to friends. Internet Explorer  users are pointed at the 'File » Send » Link by Email' method of achieving this.
The code of this page contains the following script:
<script language="JavaScript"><!-- JayDax's JavaScript function to send a web page
     function sendit2(){
        var thispage=location.href;
        var pagename=prompt("What e-mail address do you want to send the page to?","");"mailto:"+pagename+"?Subject=Check out this neat page&body="+thispage,"_self");}
     function Sendit(){
 if (navigator.appName == 'Netscape') {sendit2()} else{
   if (navigator.appName == 'Opera') {sendit2()}
            else {alert("Unfortunately your browser, "+navigator.appName+ ", does not support this feature. Please use the \n File » Send » Link by Email...\n menu option to send the page");}} }//-->
This script which should be placed somewhere between <HEAD> and </HEAD> in the pages html
In the body of the document the following line of html should be inserted:
<center><form Method="GET" ACTION=POST><input Type=button Value="Send this page URL by e-mail" OnClick=Sendit()></form></center>
That's all there is to it!