Rating Your Website
There is an organization called 'The Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet' (RSACi) which is being used by Microsoft to rate web sites for the suitability of material for young persons. A great idea, except that only Internet Explorer seems to support it. It's worth taking a look at their site, and rating your site. The table below shows how sites are rated. Ours is 0-0-0-0, or, suitable for all ages (G-rated).
Level Violence Rating Descriptor Nudity Rating Descriptor Sex Rating Descriptor Language Rating Descriptor
Level 4 Rape or wanton, gratuitous violence Frontal nudity (qualifying as provocative display) Explicit sexual acts or sex crimes Crude, vulgar language or extreme hate speech
Level 3 Aggressive violence or death to humans Frontal nudity Non explicit sexual acts Strong language or hate speech
Level 2 Destruction of realistic objects Partial nudity Clothed sexual touching Moderate expletives or profanity
Level 1 Injury to human being Revealing attire Passionate kissing Mild expletives
Level 0 None of the above or sports related None of the above None of the above or innocent kissing; romance None of the above

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