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Spam Policy

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Unwanted E-mail Policy

If you are a spammer - We don't want your mail! We will NEVER buy anything from any person or site promoted by spam. If you send spam - we'll publish all the details we can discover and add you, and any websites you promote to spam blacklists. We will also register any site you promote with McAfee SiteAdvisor and The Web of Trust as a site promoted by spam. If you make us open your spam by using an inappropriate subject or ask for a receipt then we'll also make a complaint to your ISP and telephone provider if you use a phone or fax number.

If you wish to send me spam you should note that by doing so you agree to pay me £27.00 per e-mail for reading it.

Deleting spam is currently costing me personally £470 ($750) per year in lost time. If you want to send it - be prepared to pay for it by being sued in the county court!

We don't spam and don't expect to be spammed either.

Special link for e-mail harvesting programs.

Unwanted Phone call & SMS Policy

If you obtain my phone number and send me spam SMS messages. Please expect to have complaints registered agains you. All my phone numbers are registered with the Telephone Preference Service and complaints will be made against those who bother me with unwanted cold calling or SMS messages. In addition I will add sites promoted to the blacklists above.

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